"We will enroll every child of school going age 4 to 9 years and retain him till completion of 5th class with such assurance of quality education that national requirement are fulfilled in this scientific era and all the stake holders i.e students, parents, community and Government are satisfied with delivery of service. we are also committed to provide quality education and character building of new generation.We also accept the new challenges in Education Field."


1. Every child feels happy and safe in school.
2. Every child is given the opportunity to increase their knowledge and develop their critical thinking in numeracy, literacy, languages and sports.
3. Every child is given the opportunity to develop spiritually and morally.
4. Every child experiences competition in a supportive environment and is encouraged to view mistakes as opportunities to learn.
5. Every child is given the opportunity to develop an awareness of others.
6. Every child moves on to their first choice senior school.
7. Every child is fully prepared for the move up to senior school.